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It really isn’t that difficult

I was pointed in the direction of a comment by a senior oil service company executive within a large service company the other day as to why the downturn is a good thing. This person saw positive in the present situation by allowing his company to reflect with their customers as to what they actually wanted to see in their service providers in terms of simplifying procedures and process, stripping out unnecessary costs and ensuring efficient delivery.

In my mind these are values we should have been delivering on over the past five years to clients irrespective of a high oil price! As we haven’t been focussed on providing fit for purpose, efficient solutions we have ended up in a very expensive market that is now finding it difficult to adapt to a new low cost base.

I remind readers of my previous notes on providing Value Engineering. The supply chain in Aberdeen is very well developed and operators are able to access efficient, capable low cost providers for their required services whom have always had efficient processes and procedures with a desire to deliver value in terms cost.

No doubt for some companies the downturn requires a fundamental shift in how they operate and provide service more efficiently for their clients. A lot of large organisations are still grappling with this as they have grown fat on the easy years.

However the buying community can access immediate value in the SME community if it desires to do so quickly and efficiently and with very little effort.

It really isn’t that difficult.