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FOS was formed by Apollo and The Aquaterra Group in 2017 in order to develop alternative, fresh, fit-for-purpose EPC solutions for oil and gas companies and asset owners operating in the North Sea.

With over 20 years combined experience working in the North Sea and a track record of successful collaborative project design and delivery over the past three years, the new FOS team has a strong cultural synergy in terms of ethos. It is able to provide new, fresh benefits to customers from design to delivery, reinforced by financial stability, safety, expertise, capabilities and disciplines together with a differentiated but highly relevant approach to customer service.

FOS provides an experienced, agile, lean and integrated engineering business delivering projects more economically and efficiently. We provide a faster return to customers by challenging the industry norm while being expert and responsible


FOS works with clients from design to delivery and is supported by financial stability and a strong safety ethos, as well as extensive expertise, capabilities and disciplines.