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Flexing the EPC Commercial Model

The UK offshore oil and gas industry is a dynamic environment in which change is ever present. With change comes opportunity, to modify and adapt, to work and behave differently.

FOS embodies this culture of change.

Our approach moves away from traditional reimbursable contracting and open-ended commercial models which generally leave the client with higher, unplanned costs and a lack of contractor focus on the finishing line. Let’s face it, the odds aren’t stacked in the client’s favour, are they?

The FOS approach is to re-balance those odds.

Where the scope of work is clearly defined, and we can adopt a one-team approach,  FOS can offer fixed price solutions which allow our clients to plan effectively and know exactly how much they’re going to pay. It’s that simple.

Where fixed price perhaps doesn’t fit, we can be creative in discounting models and performance based reward mechanisms.

FOS. A simpler smarter EPC alternative.